The Chris Yates Movie Experience

The Chris Yates Movie Experience requires the Real Media Player and is optimized for a fast internet connection so if you have a 56k modem, sorry.

280 Abercrombie Street

The Teaser

Five months of living, loving and laughing with an ever-changing roster of young internationals boiled down into two and a half minutes.

The Fraser Island Experience

The largest sand island in the world. Twelve backpackers in paradise. Enjoying the good life even when your truck breaks down...

The Chris Yates Tracking System Overview

This twenty-minute Video Overview of the CYTS was created in March 2001 as part of my degree project at Rhode Island School of Design. It combines the photographs, video, and locations with my narration and voiceovers done by actors read from the original email responses. I'm working on updating its pace and look soon to get it to broadcast quality. Stay tuned for updates.

Pherin Production Solutions

Currently I am a technical director at Pherin Production Solutions. Here is an example of a segment from our online TV show,

Four Seasons in a Day - With Brad Simmons

Brad Simmons, our resident meteorology and recreation expert, learns how to boulder in Fort Collins with the help of Wayne Jin, climbing enthusiast.

Pherin Promotional

Also, this short promotional spot will demonstrate the range of work we handle at Pherin Production Solutions and the quality services we provide. You can give me an email if you need real media solutions at a reasonable cost.

If you want VHS or DVD copies of any of the movies above, send me an email and we can barter.
280 Abercrombie Street is also available in its entirety, so if you're in it and I have your address, you'll get it soon. If not, please send me your information and I'll make sure you get a copy as soon as possible.