Original Music

These five tunes, produced under the guise of The Dark Staircase Company, are from the secret album That's What The Monsters Do (2000), an eclectic collection of grab-bag electronic distortion and lo-fi collages... take a mp3 and try it on for size and then play rock-paper-scissors with me to acquire the album. BONUS: 1 Good Ol' Oh My Hip! track, imported from 1994...

Ignis (Amaranth's Soliloquy) Download!
Old answering machine tapes pour over rainy streets
Megamanning (8 Levels of Strength) Download!
Dedicated to Air Man, Crash Man, Metal Man, Heat Man, Bubble Man, Flash Man, Wood Man, and Quick Man.
No Jake Brakes Download!
named because of road sign in Alberta...truck engine brakes are loud, like me.
Quadrupl Barrel Download!
...slowly shredding the speaker cones to ashes...
The Worst Thing You Ever Heard Download!
7 minutes of the Alarm Clock Automation...can you handle it?
A classic track from OH MY HIP!: Diarrhea of Love Download!
often misunderstood by the critics, Chris Yates, Ben Kessler, and Pheroze Karai went against the mainstream flow at CRH in 1994 and still reminiscing about our glory days