Okay, so first off, the production Bafflers are now available at a large handful of independent and/or specialty retailers across the US, as well as online directly from Ceaco (right now), and through my TopatoCo store (very soon)!

Ceaco and I are working extremely hard to get Bafflers in just about every appropriate store possible, including many regional and national chains, but it might take a little while. Ceaco is already a very established puzzle brand that has a shelf footprint in many of these stores, like Target, Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, It's Your Move, etc. - we just need to let the stores that there is a demand for these crazy new (baffling) puzzles called Bafflers!

Simply put, if you happen to come across stores that stock puzzles, but not the Baffler, let them know about it! That would help so so much. (Also, if they do stock it, buy a few!) Customer demand at the local level is what will make this product succeed. (And let me make more designs for next year!)

Secondly, if you *happen* to own or work at a store or retail establishment that would like to carry our lovely Bafflers, please do not hesistate to contact me directly at superyates (a) gmail (d) com and I will get you in touch pronto with the fine and friendly folks at Ceaco.

Third - I hate to sound like an endless shill for my artwork, but I really believe in what I am doing, and hopefully you do too! I've spent over 6 years trying to elevate jigsaw puzzles to a whole new level of quality and artfulness, and it's been a privilege to be able to share it with you and be supported by the whole endeavor.

By partnering with a large puzzle powerhouse like Ceaco, some may say I have "sold out" - but in my view, if I can share my puzzle concepts en masse, for a very super affordable price, that's the whole idea!! *INTERESTING PUZZLES FOR THE PEOPLE* I know everybody doesn't have the money for my originals, so these are the equivalent of Baffler prints! CRAZY

Fourthly*, thanks so much for reading all this jibber-jabber and HERE IS OUR AMAZING COMMERCIAL:

*pretty sure that's not a word but whatever


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