haha oh my Emily is obviously just kidding!

100% SAFE

To pre-empt the most obvious comments, I did wear a respirator for most of my art school career, and then at later at various cabinet-making gigs. When I started making the puzzles, I suppose I just got a bit lax. I figured I'm making such tiny things, and all the painting is done outdoors, it doesn't matter... But now WE make all these tiny things all the time, and it adds up, and we're not getting younger. I'm trying to be more proactive on the healthy end, so hopefully the masks will help. (I kinda hate rubber respirators, and paper dust masks are ineffective - but these Respro techno golds are a wonderful, more comfortable hybrid of the two.)

In other news, did you know I made a video game? (OK I guess they call it an app these days) (and yes we're developing the iPhone version as you read this) (holla)


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