I guess we need a new palm sander. If you got any experience with something light, quiet, durable, and costs less than $300, lemme know!

and so... The Holiday Season is pretty much already here. I know it is scary, trying to find decent gifts at overcrowded malls and impersonal mega e-tailers! But if you want truly memorable and cherished gifts from an independent artist, why not consider getting some Bafflers for your friends and loved ones!

In addition to the always wonderful original hand-cut wooden Bafflers, we've also got something for every wallet and taste at this point.

We have 6 different designs of tricky production Bafflers now available in stores around the world and right here in my store! Just 12 bucks apiece!

If you've got an iPad, well hey we've got an exceptional Baffler app you can play for just three bucks.

Most recently, we've just released our first transparent multilevel Baffler, "Aperture", lasercut in crystal-clear acrylic by NOTlabs - which is available in limited edition here.

Thanks for supporting us! We couldn't create this vortex of puzzle insanity without you. XOXO


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