Yeah it's hard to complain too much when you live in a city that is this liberal about pot and many other issues, but the 4/20 smokeout tradition at CU got pretty out of hand. At one point I believe 200,000 people came out to Farrand Field (twice the population of Boulder) - now the campus is closed to anyone without student IDs on 4/20, but naturally this just pushes the revelers elsewhere in town, which is fine, it's just kind of a very mellow madness! I don't know I'm going with all this OH WAIT that's right it's because I'm pretty baked :)

Here's a shot of the castle set I helped build for Once Upon A Mattress, the show we're about to go see for ourselves!

Finally, the 9th Anniversary Baffler Sale is wrapping up soon, get a sweet deal while it's available. I turn 34 on Sunday, and it is my nearest and dearest birthday wish to find my puzzles some loving homes!


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