Once I was pretty much done with the Nothing But Flowers "adventure" last spring, I was kinda depressed but at least I had turned my office into a pretty professional voice-over booth.

Sensing an opportunity, my buddies Nama and Ali approached me about an idea for a new podcast they needed someone to record/produce. Podcast??? Man, everyone and their five brothers has a podcast. But - these guys wanted to make a *potcast*

As you might have heard, Colorado and the Boulder area in particular have been sort of a proving ground for advanced marijuana legalization lately not only in the US, but for the entire world. A lot of eyes are on what we're doing here. As Nama and Ali both work within the industry as a budtender and a grower, respectively, they have some really unique, funny and informative insights into everything related to cannabis.

Also they smoke a lot of weed and tell you what is worth buying and where to find it. And if you are ever planning a "weedcation" to CO, then this is your Lonely Planet/Fodor's but better.

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