Sorry I'm running a little late today, I have been quite busy with packing and shipping Book and Combo Pack orders. And then the internet went out! Geez. Anyhow, remember if you order some of the limited edition books and toys before Wednesday, you'll get a couple bonus thingies!

Also, in the 'What Is Our World Coming To' department, you may have heard about what is happening in Ravenna, Ohio from Ryan, but I felt the need to chime in. The notion of playing with our public spaces and trying infuse a sense of wonder into a increasingly homogenous and uptight society is not terrorism, but something we need to do more often, in my opinion, if we don't want to turn into automatons. This principle is what's behind my Tracking System, and whereas I've never gotten quite a reaction like what the poor teenagers in Ravenna recieved, I have certainly dealt with more than a few humorless park rangers and property owners who 'just didn't get it'. But for every one of those kinds of people, I'm sure there are many more who enjoy seeing a Mario Power-Up Block hanging from their local streetlight, or finding one of my Tracking Devices in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully.


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