Well, I can't seem to find an official site for Di Suvero, but Storm King's site has some more pictures and info. When I'm in NYC next month, I may go up there to check out this new exhibition of his! Here are a ton of shots of the new Daniel Libeskind-designed "crazy building". It does look pretty cool, but the interior is going to have a lot of wasted space, and the money would've been better used to actually develop the modern art collection at the DAM, which is pretty spare. (Almost all of their modern works have been in storage since 2002, and aren't expected to re-appear until late 07) Apparently they believe the public is better served by constant Egypt-themed exhibits and Picasso retrospectives.

Shipping News: Almost all pending t-shirt and Baffler! orders have been shipped, I am waiting for paint to dry on fresh little ghosts & visitors so I can ship Combo Paks and Big Ghosts tomorrow! Thanks for your patience.


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