Yes there are several inaccuracies in my comic today. David ! did not actually poo in my coffee, the Arch in St. Louis was in fact designed by late, great Eero Saarinen, Matt is actually five thousand times more handsome than you could ever imagine, and Owly is a wonderful, compelling series of comic books for people of every age that the kind-hearted Andy Runton creates. There is no actual "getting it on" in Owly, I am slightly disappointed to admit. Also, just about everyone in today's comic (and a good portion in strips to come) are contributers to the mighty Truth & Beauty Bombs messageboard, located on the vast rolling plains of the Internet. David ! and myself were also lucky enough to be impromptu guests on the latest Fluff Radio, the #1 PodCast MegaHit all the cool kids listen to. You should give it a listen because Colleen and Annie are hyper-radical, even though I think I talk a little too much about embarassing incidents!

Finally, it's summertime - be the hippest kid on the block with a fresh new lovingly hand-printed The Monoculars or Go Death Taco Go shirt! Here's a photo! And I can tell you, the free Repro Radio CD you will recieve with either delightful shirt is 12 bizarre years of me makin' lo-fi , hi-crazy music condensed to 80 minutes! It will be fun perhaps? Please buy a shirt so I can buy a sandwich - thank you!


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