Here is a bigger picture of Reggie Watt's Circle Of Success! If you have a chance to see him live DO IT HE IS AMAZING

So here I'd like to thank and profusely apologize to everyone how appeared in and/or helped out with this series of comics, first off to my partner in photocrime, David !, who deserves like twenty rounds of applause for making Malkigraphics! and just got married and now is on a Honeymoon Adventure!, and then in chrono-licious order: Dave The Gyro Merchant, Tara Lee, Koko, Beth, Shana, Handsome Matt, Steve, Kean, Sara, Parrish, Colleen AF Incredible, Rosemary, Andy who says Badonkadonk, Ryan, Allene, Jeph, Kent and Scott, Jeffrey, Mr. Bell, Cristi, Sarah Lee, Raz and Sneaky, Humlan the Big Fake Bee, John A, Rich, Reggie, Marianne, Klio, Mr. Sketch, and anyone else I may have tragically forgotten. It was great fun to meet you all!

Also I did happen to enter John's SGR Idol contest, and even though I did not win, you can see my entry along with dozens others over here.

Also also, this is bound to be pretty exciting...


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