I'm not sure if it's the limitations of my trusty little Canon, or if it's the excessive dialogue balloons, but it was really hailing painfully hard in this instance, and I'm not sure these images do justice to the melee of ice that caused the multiple agonies I still coax from my muscles. Anyhow, I may be a little smart, but I am mostly resourceful. I cribbed a good bit of today's lecturing from Mr. Nolan Doesken of the Colorado Climate Center's paper about, well, hail in Colorado. Thank you for your research, and sorry for the plagarism, Mr. Doesken!

So yeah, I apologize there was no Friday comic previously. Last week was a week of making things happen and letting the cube gleam, so I think you will understand that I was just plumb out 'xhausted. I've been creating and planning to create many fanciful objects upon commission lately, and well, I forgot to make a comic for Friday. Horrors, indeed! It will not be happening again! (we hope)

The central culprit of work-hours last week was something you will most likely enjoy if you like Diesel Sweeties, Exploding Dog, and my wooden toys! In process, The First battalion, Up close. Rich and Sam will be debuting these adorable human-crushers at the San Diego Comic-Con which is this week and apparently tons of fun! These toys will have an online release a little later on... more details on that soon... Oh, and here's another nice mountain landscape Baffler! I just finished for some family friends!


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