To kick off The Guest Fortnight at Reprographics is the Psychaedelic Professor of the Ghosts, Steve Hogan himself! Steve pretty much nails my current situation square on the head, so I figgered we'd start here. Thanks man!

HOWEVER It seems that just about 90% of my webcomic friends and acquaintances are really busy/just don't like me and I am kind of scrambling for material here... SO would you like to make a guest comic for Reprographics? And get it to me before 5pm on Wednesday, when I leave for Oregon? Well, I just might run it if it's any good! It can be anything really, a photocomic of yer own or a drawn version of Repro or whatever, as long as it's 800px wide and a .jpg, .gif, or .png and sent to superyates[a]gmail.com. Hook or crook I'm going to make this Guest Fortnight happen!


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