Man am I glad I went to Portland two weekends ago and not now, as apparently they are having a PINEAPPLE STORM right now!! Holy crapsticks I bet all the flooding is bad enough without PINEAPPLES RAINING DOWN ON YOU. Pacific Northwest, I feel your pain here in Boulder, where it was 79 degrees and sunny yesterday. Hang in there.

Do you like Wondermark? Do you like that Borat guy? Well, then you will love some of co-star David's videos on YouTube!

And indeed, there will be 9 or so brand-spanking new Baffler!s in the Toy Store this coming Monday, Nov. 13 at 7pm MST. I'll put up a little sneak peek of some of the really neat-o designs (perfect for the holidays oh man) in the forum at some point real soon!


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