Yeah yeah, I'm just shamelessly showing off today. And yes, I can make a customTerraform of anywhere in the world at any scale for you, but please email me no sooner than February if you'd like to do so. I'm pretty booked up at the moment on commissions!

Big Playground Ghosts Series Three is going to be a little late, as it has been below freezing and snowed about 15 inches the last three days, which has sort of put a hamper on some of the painting processes! But there should be about 30 (!) new Ghost designs in this very weird and colorful batch of spooks - they will probably be available in the Toy Store Thursday evening - more on that with the Wednesday comic.

And finally, Malki ! is auctioning off some lovely one-of-a-kind framed prints to benefit the Child's Play charity! Check 'em out and support a good cause!


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