Y'know the "Postal Creed" that I paraphrase in the third panel is not actually their creed after all! More info here!

I still haven't fully dug out my car, but it does look like FedEx and the USPS will be processing and delivering Sat and Sun so perhaps if you sent something inbound or outbound from or in Colorado, express or priority it may get there by Xmas. But that's up to them! Isn't shipping logistics fun? Sure is, Uncle Chris!

Anyhows, Merry Xmas and Happy Other Associated Holidays! I will see you on the 25th. That's right. I just don't stop. I'm spending the first Christmas of my 27 years without my family out on the East Coast, and most likely by myself for the most part! It will probably be nice to take a day off though! *phew* holidays...


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