So that's that. Staple and Austin was a superb good time, and we look forward to seeing all our friends, customers, and nemesi next year! Thanks to all who popped up in the comick: David !, Colleen, Marianne the Ghost Tour Manager, Robin The Curd Burglar, Ryan, Andrew, Dave, Melissa, Dave Crosland, Jim Mahfood, Josh, Danielle, Veronica, and of course Uncle Staple (who did a great job running the whole shebang!). I'm sure I am forgetting a few people, but rest assured I am fond of all of you. For anyone who wants to see even more pictures of the show and after-party, check out the Ghost flickr set.

Just about one month from now (on my birthday, nonetheless), you'll be able to catch David ! and myself at APE in San Francisco, and in three months the majority of the Ghosts will be rockin' MoCCA in New York City! Come out and see us!

BAFFLER/YATESWORLD ALERT: Nine awesome new products will debut tomorrow (Weds 21) in the Toy Store around 8pm Mountain Time, including the Forbidden Archipelago!

Next comic comes at you Friday-ish.


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