A lot of the time it seems as though I work in a vacuum, and forget that there are actually other folks out there that hand-make wooden jigsaw puzzles in this day and age. I was going through my web stats the other day, and noticed that someone found my site my searching for "incredible jigsaw puzzles" which is pretty cool - I am the top result in Google! But then this also listed some of my competition of course, Stave Puzzles in Vermont (which is a 14-person business!), Custom Puzzle Craft in San Diego (check out John's amazing piece styles!) and MGC Puzzles in Connecticut (extremely prolific dude!). So I was looking at this video of Mark of MGC being featured on his local news, and while I was excited to see a fellow puzzlemaker get on TV, I was horrified by some of the puzzle punnery that local news people seem to think is absolutely necessary. Thus, today's comic.

Speaking of, I'm posting two new Baffler!s in just a little bit. I'll try to have a lot more next Thursday - I've been sort of swamped with commission stuff lately!


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