So I was cruising through the Bryan Glades just fine at Eldora on Monday just fine, conditions were great in the trees, and I didn't fall once. After working my way out of the little pipe at the end, I went about three turns down the easy little wash-out to the lift, caught a rock with the edge of my left ski, and went head-over-heels. As I was spinning, the back of my left ski caught in the snow and twisted my knee, causing much pain! I laid in the snow on my back for a few minutes just breathing and cursing, and felt a little better. I tried to stand, but my left knee just bucked like jelly. I crawled to my poles, crossed them sticking out of the snow, and eventually a old telemarker dude came by and relayed my distress to the lifties.

Jim and James of the Eldora Ski Patrol came along and were totally awesome in helping me out, strapping a field splint on, and skiing me back to the base in one of those mummy-toboggans down to the base. What a surreal situation, watching the tops of pine trees zoom by above you, bumps of icy snow whacking your back constantly, snow flying in your face. It turns out I was probably going to be OK according to the First Aid/Paramedic people, if I had torn my ACL or MCL (common ski knee injuries) I would be in serious pain constantly, and I was pretty alright, as long as I didn't move my left leg. So I declined the ambulance ride to Boulder Community Hospital (no health insurance) and called Felix to see if he could pick me up. Thank god I had a few friends still in town.

Felix, Terrence and Nancy have helped me immensely over the last 72 hours or so in just caring for me, acquiring supplies, cooking tasty food, and getting my car back from the bitter cold Eldora lot tonight.

I am on the mend now, my knee has a lot less swelling, but I still have to hobble around everywhere on crutches as my left knee won't support weight, and I dare not leave the house until I can walk or make some sort of ice crampons for the crutches.


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