So if you're new to the show, I was kindly invited to be a 'special guest' with the Dumbrella crew at Comic-Con. In this year's iteration, Andy (Creatures In My Head), Rich (Diesel Sweeties), Sam (Exploding Dog), Jon (Goats) and Phillip (The Back-End) joined forces with myself and Meredith (Octopus Pie), MC Frontalot (Nerdcore Rap Master 3.0), Wil (You know who Wil Wheaton is), and comic guru Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics, Zot!)

Also appearing in this comic is assistant executive t-shirt wrangler Ferocious J, QC CFO Cristi, and fan of the show Nate who also appears in this comic! Also appearing in this comic is a really cute rubber catwoman who should get in touch with me immediately.

The next comic will pop up sometime on Monday evening. It concerns Wil Wheaton and one of the disembodied plastic legs.


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