Next installment on Friday. I hoped to have exciting news today, but sometimes things take awhile.

Jake Shimabukuro is pretty talented, I have to say. Yes, well to be honest, I just thought it would be a band Box-Head would feel strongly about and just picked a random track mentioned in their Wikipedia entry. I honestly do not know much about those dudes besides they are cheeseball and Squire is an overrated bassist. Yes, have I broken the magic yet?

As I wrote this, I tried to decipher what my "best song in the world" would be. I think for any aggressive music listener, it's an extremely difficult and permutable decision. For the present moment though, "Hello Meow" by Squarepusher firmly sums up how to make a perfect little tune for me. Please check the live version. Or some holy F free-style Squarepusher bass action. Squire, pay attention.


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