I liked Haiku Bird better when he was dispensing nonsensical smut rather than these depressing financial missives.

All in all it really has been a great year, despite a little downtick in business lately. Thanks for hanging around. And for a few more days, enjoy the gifts I have for you - the holiday fruit picture contest - and the 30% off everything sale!

Hey those laser-cut Red Robots I made are on sale RIGHT NOW over at Diesel Sweeties.

And finally I was supposed to be doing a radio interview with 97.9FM in Baltimore early this morning, but it has been bumped down the week. If you'd like to hear me talk about poop signs and whatever with a bunch of 'Morning Zoo'-type characters, follow me on Twitter and I'll give a shout when that is going to happen.

Have a safe and excellent NYE and I'll see you in The Niner. (That's what we're going to call it, you'll see)


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