Hey so Sungeun is in Albuquerque right now interviewing for some rocket scientist job. Send your good vibes his way!

Also, I feel like I say this every other week, but just about all circumstances seem to be working against me lately and things are looking rather bleak right now. So if you'd like to show your appreciation for Repro and the crazy artist behind it, this would be a great time to peruse my Toy Store.

I also understand that some may have no need for any or more puzzles, toys, paintings, or fridge magnets, and may still wish to throw a few bucks my way because they like the comic. That is totally cool, and that is why I have put a Donation button below and to the right.

I am of course thankful for any amount, but donate $10 or more (and include your shipping address) and I will send you a Mystery Surprise Gift! It might be a little drawing or a toy, or something altogether crazy. The more you donate, the crazier it will be! Okay okay anyway thanks for reading, and I promise this will be the last time I talk about how poor I am for awhile.

New comic on Friday.


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