Oh what's that? You have no idea what is going on. Well, it has been awhile, so here's a quick Tooty Tooty Primer:

Tooty Tooty is a small planet that is made of wishes. There are six Tooties/Visitors/Monoculars that are more or less immortal omnipotent sentient caretakers of the magical planet. The Tooties are also made of wishes.

Whenever someone in the galaxy makes a wish, it pops up in the Wishing Well, run by the Primaries (Renki, Yoshumo, and Bolloxx). If the wish is worth granting (it usually isn't) the Primaries then pass it on to the Secondaries (Ovsepian, Gebremarium, and Pupillo) at the Wish Factory. The Secondaries then grant the wish using the Wish Machine or manually offworld. (The Secondaries have been pretty much playing hooky for the last couple years)

There is also The Great Eye, who is ostensibly in charge, but shows up rarely. Oh, and there is also a snake.

This stand-alone story is a good little read if you want to find out more!


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