Hey all, here is a new comic! Sorry about the erratic updates, it's "OhmygodthereissomuchstufftogetreadyforComicCon Time" once again.

From July 22nd through the 26th, you will find me once again at the Dumbrella booth (#1337) at Comic Con International in sunny San Diego! When I am not dodging Narutos and Stormtroopers, I'll have lots of new things for sale like SLÜG Version 2, Baffler!s, a plethora of miniGhosts and of course Poop Signs and books. Andy, Rich, Meredith, Jon and Sam will also be there with a wealth of their own sparkly merchandise, so if you're coming to SDCC, please stop on by and say hi!

Also, FYI - I'll be packing up all the Baffler!s currently in the store on Tuesday, so if you want one that is now in stock, now's the time before I put all of them on hold.

New comic on Monday.


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