Oh man I don't know why I skipped the Small Press Expo last year, it is a carousel of good times! Thanks and apologies to today's players: Aaron, Malki, Kevin, Jeph, Meredith, Marianne, Colleen, John, Cristi, Danielle and Scott! There were lots of other awesome folks there too, but I didn't want to make the comic 183 panels long.

New comic about interactive tattoos on Thurs or Fri. Fresh new Bafflers on next Monday.

There was kind of a deluge of orders in the earlier half of the month when I announced some of my products were going away for awhile. Thusly, I am behind on a bunch of ghost, magnet and custom orders. But rest assured I am working on getting it all done and shipped out as fast as humanly possible. Thanks for your support and patience!!


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