As if I did not have enough to do, I am now in scramble mode to get all the paintings done for BREAKFAST IS POWER II: REVENGE IS SWEET at my pal Julia's South Side Walnut Cafe, a couple blocks from me here in Boulder. I have just one week to make up for lost time, so until December I will be showing you the work-in-progress of this ridiculous project and how I make it.

So anyhow, above are the new Futura Medium wood type stencils, which I traced from a printout onto the MDF with a pen, carbon paper, and a bit of effort. The letters aren't perfect, but will give the paintings a bit more of an old hand-painted sign quality hopefully. Below the type stencils are the six "big panels" which are 16"x24"x1/2" sanded MDF panels with a couple of coats of their respective base paint. They still kinda reek at this point.

I'll hopefully have some more progress to show you tomorrow night.


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