You start to suspect your priorities may be in a strange order when, within an half-hour of painfully hurting your body, you already have a comic in your head and ask your housemate to take pictures of you re-enacting the injury, while you are still hobbling around, and probably injuring yourself further while making the comic.

I actually fell and twisted my left ankle (yup, same bad leg) on the icy concrete stairs out back this morning, but I was sort of hesistant to even pretend to fall there (and also the lighting was shit). Anyhow it hurts a bit to walk, or to put too much weight on it, but I think I'll be okay in a little while. Not a sprain, just a bad twist. But no skiing this week. That would just be stupid.

It may sound strange and humbug-y, but I really do have a Christmas Curse. 2008: Imminent (but averted) bankruptcy. 2007: Hyperextended my ACL in my left knee while skiing on Xmas Eve. 2006: My Ghostmobile was towed away from in front of my house on Xmas morning and I forgot to buy food. 2005: Stranded at O'hare on Xmas Eve, trying to fly home. 2004: Stranded at Dallas-Ft.Worth on Xmas Eve, trying to fly home. 2003: Almost died driving through a blizzard in OH and PA trying to get home, spent Xmas Eve in a motel in DuBois... Anyhow, you get the picture. I plan to spend tomorrow in bed, wrapped in bubble-wrap, praying to the entire pantheon of deities that I will be able to make it to the 26th.

Oh and special thanks to superfan Hannah for her awesome random gift package! The Hot Wheels cold-pack is certainly getting some use. (and the jackalope is overseeing things)


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