The fine folks over at Terror Island not only picked up a box of Cereal Explosion!, but even made a comic with the auxillary contents!

Thanks everyone for all the submissions and emails and orders over the last week! As I was in a car or behind a magical table of sales or making merry the last nine days or so, I am little behind. I will respond as soon as I am able! OH --> and there's so much fun stuff, I'm extending the Guest Week thru the weekend (yes Sat + Sun updates) and ending on Monday with the winner of the Fortnight plus a few days. I will tell you all about the Portland Adventure starting next Wednesday.

In the meanwhile, why not check out the super new and fresh Odds and Ends Dept. full of Poop Signs, Vinyl Ball Jrs., MiniGhosts and Signed Comic Prints! Everything's under $10 and made by Chris himself! Crapsticks! And there's also four new Baffler!s up on the block - IT'S ON


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