BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER: So the next day (yesterday or the 26th) I am walking towards my 9-hour shift (imagine running a post office and three other things at the same time by yourself) at the Pack n' Ship solo shift, when I discovered that car was gone. After a dozen calls interrupted by old ladies wanting to ship the last remains of Morty, I finallly realized it was a police tow and the Ghostmoile was in the Marv's lot. After I get out of my all-day shift without break, Terrence did me a solid and drove everywhere I needed to go to get the Ghostmobile out of lock. After $83 I have my car back - but towing a dude on Xmas - when the intown little roads suck anyway - LAME

But you can make your (and mine) day brighter if you procure some of lovely and excellent from the Toy Store during the EndTimes Sale (more below!)


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