We had a small group over at our place for New Years Eve, and we had a great time - sorry I don't have more comprehensive coverage for you, I was busy having fun talking with my friends, doodling on the The Table Of 2007, and not taking many photographs! I hope you all had excellent dawns of the year as well!

I am sorry that I've been a little erratic with updates lately. The holiday season and life in general has been pretty demanding upon my energies, and in order to make 2007 The Year Of The Yates, I'm going to have to pick up the pace even more with thing-making and getting my name out there as an artist, so I will do my best to keep Reprographics updates as on-time as possible, but please do not hold it against me if I miss an update or two! Thanks to everyone who reads this and supports my art - honestly, you guys have made my dreams come true. You are sweet folk.

We'll catch up with the Tooties on Friday! What crazy thing will happen??


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