And we're back to our Completely Plausible Main Feature of Impending Doom. I swear, when I wrote the script for this whole scenario half a year back, I must have not even thought about how much time it would actually make the comics. Hopefully it is at least mildly entertaining.

The final piece count on The Dodecahedron is 421. Highest piece count yet. And they are pretty chunky pieces, too. I'm assembling the elite Baffler! Assembly Team tomorrow evening to attempt to start to crack this one, but I have a feeling this puzzle is going to take ten times longer to put together than to cut apart.

Finally, the Interstate Map is proving to be the Pet Rock of my career lately. (Father's analogy) More than a third of the 1000 prints have been sold, and in addition to the initial BoingBoing post that started the whole madness, the Dallas Morning News published it, along with a little write-up, a few Sundays ago, and the fairly new glossy mag Geek Monthly did too, in their most recent issue! It is pretty flattering and bewildering to get so much attention out of a old art-skool project. Gracias.


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