Yup. That's it. Reprographics is over.

I would like to thank first my fans. I operate in a pretty weird niche and thank you so much for supporting the things I have made for you to look at! Customers, Forumites, Various Passersby.... I thank you mightily!

A Special Thanks To:

Dan Burns, Steve Carey, Roddy Richards, Sungeun Jeon, Roberto Barsi, Colleen AF Venable, Nancy & Terry & Zion, Andy Friberg, Felix Gumbiner, David Malki !, Meghan Wilson, Andrew Ferguson, Alex Browers, Ethan Schrago

I could list more and more names! (but then we'll never be done) ((my apologies))

Oh, and a rousing hand of applause to Michael in California for helping me with just about all the 3d rendering and compositing of Giant Axle in the final story!


Do not remove that Repro bookmark just yet! I am far from done. Once I return from San Francisco, I will reveal what is in store for the future of this page, as well as why I decided to end Reprographics. Ta.


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