I told you not to panic! Reprographics may be over, but after a five month hiatus, I will return with super-fresh poppin' and lockin' action with Reprographics 2: The Electric Boogaloo. Prepare to turn your ill ghetto blasters up to 11. And mad ups to MC Steve Hogan for today's artwork!

So why did you decide to end Reprographics, Chris? Well, audience, basically I have felt that Repro has kind of run out of my control lately with implausible, convoluted plots, and it hasn't been so much fun to make. I was poking through my archives recently to try and update the "best-of" print mini comic I sell at conventions, and realized the one from last year didn't really need to be updated. All my favorite strips are from the first 150 comics or so. It's been great to have the Toy Store and the sculpture business grow so much in the last two years, but it has certainly taken my focus away from the comics a bit. So I think I'm just going to take a break from making new comics for awhile, rather than sporadically post half-assed ones. This will also give me some time to work on some other projects that have been pending in my brain for some time. I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from.

But what is going to be on this page for the next five months?? That is a good question! Starting Tuesday, May 1st, I will be running older, never-seen-on-the-web material every single weekday! It's the Grand Intermission! I get to post whatever the hell I want! I have made plenty of things in my life before I started this comic, and other things that just never were posted! What are these "things", Chris?? Well, everything from comics to videos, humorous essays to sculptures, sketches to weird dream journals! In my opinion, If you've stuck around this long, you're going to really enjoy what I have planned for you. We'll start on Tuesday with the out-of-print super-cute (mostly) hand-drawn comic Diversion Apparatus, Vol.1. Have a good weekend!


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