So we shall ease into the Grand intermission with Diversion Apparatus Vol.1, the until-now-print-exclusive I made in Spring 2006. The inspiration for this mostly hand-drawn book came from A) going full-time with my art, and B) meeting lots of incredible artists like Dave Crosland and Jim Mahfood at my first comic con, STAPLE in Austin. After the 1000 mile drive home, I was perculating with some new ideas - if I just draw my characters that look like tombstones with arms, I can probably make a comic book! So I did.

Hopefully you will like it! DA:1 contains a wonderful Tale from Tooty Tooty, heartwarming adventures from the Super Happy Beaver Action Family, the first bit of a photocomic adaptation of a play I wrote years ago, Sketches from Sydney, and even more silly bits.


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