CLICK here to watch Panda's Labyrinth Of Joy And Mayhem.

Oh man, this video is so awful! SO AWFUL! It is so awful I love it and must show it to you. This was intended to be a documentation of a installation I made in a 18' x 24' room that was more or less the most dangerous playground/maze you can make out of recycled construction materials. There was original ambient music and weird lighting and a ball pit and staircases to nowhere and paintings strewn about too. On the two days it was open, I wore a panda costume (the kind with the giant head) and ran around the maze, alternately throwing tennis balls at people and offering them beers. Of course I waited until the last minute to check out a video camera from the A/V dudes at RISD, and got stuck with a VHS camcorder that worked awful in low light conditions. Add a drunk buddy who filmed this and typical Yatesian jarring lo-fi editing techniques, I created a video that actually made my teacher have to leave the room in the middle of the crit. Anyway, yeah. Watch my awful video.

Holy crap I made another hundred Red Robots. They will be on sale on Monday at Diesel Sweeties. New Baffler!s will also be available Monday. Tomorrow's comic will post in the afternoon. The earth is an oblate spheroid.


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