CLICK here to watch "Quadrupl Barrel".

A somewhat creepy, slow voyeuristic misbehaving security-cam piece, this is one of my favorite videos from this era of ultra-lo-fi 4D experimentation. Music also by me (Dark Staircase Company at the time). The model is my old friend and wonderful painter Simone Lichty.

So why did I subject you to a week of old deteriorated video from eight years ago? Perhaps as a contrast to my more colorful, optimistic work of the present; a lot of my themes as an artist back then were of loss, degradation, and the acceptance that things are only going to get worse. A lot of 'fuck-it' attitude when it came to quality, because the finished product is but a small mirror of the initial idea. Strike while the iron is hot, and save it at the lowest quality, and then make another. I feel that I have moved on to a slightly more refined sense of finished-ness in my art, in the present, but the process is still often more interesting to me than the product. See you on Monday with comics and puzzles.


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